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Eloro – Nero D’Avola D.O.C.

The rubicund red of Eloro passionately embraces the strength and imagination of the label it bears: that of Giorgio, the inspirational father of the Odisseo house. It is a wine of great structure and complex aromas, with a balanced, delicate and dry taste that only the Sicilian region can produce.

Insolia – Bianco D.O.C.

The exclusivity of the production area (Sicili/ Tuscany) and uncertainty about the origin of his name make this wine intriguing and mysterious. The only certainty is the golden grapes of Insolia reporting the radiance of life and its good wine that accompanies it. A stylized sun in step with the times, however, that encloses the same goodness ever.

ManòKA – Sauvignon Blanc I.G.T.

Sunny, sea, clear sky, land rich of energy and flowers’ and fruits’ scent in the air… All this elements have concentrated on Sauvignon Blanc grapes giving off only characteristics that only Sicilian terroir can give.

Trito – Nero D’Avola & Syrah I.G.T.

Triton wine takes its name from Triton who, with his conch shell horn, calms storms and announces the arrival of Poseidon, the god of the sea. By telling us which way to go, he has become the guiding light for all seagoing explorers, including Odysseus. For Odisseo wines he is a symbol of continuity with regard to the quality and constant improvement of the wines we produce for the palate and pleasure of “explorers”, of good food and a good table.

Pòtta’ccà – Petit Verdot I.G.T.

“Pòtta ‘ccà” or “Bring it here” is a Modican expression that invites people to pass around a glass of wine so that they can experience the taste and emotions that it contains. The Petit Verdot grape brings colour and perfumes to the glass with voluptuous and round tannins, floral aromas and fruity notes that make the wine both romantic and graceful. Spicy notes and red and purple hues evoke curiosity. So “Pòtta ’ccà” is a must!

We produce and sell wine, beef and other gastronomic products of the Sicilian tradition.

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