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Triton wine takes its name from Triton who, with his conch shell horn, calms storms and announces the arrival of Poseidon, the god of the sea. By telling us which way to go, he has become the guiding light for all seagoing explorers, including Odysseus. For Odisseo wines he is a symbol of continuity with regard to the quality and constant improvement of the wines we produce for the palate and pleasure of “explorers”, of good food and a good table.

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      Odisseo Trito 50% Nero d’Avola, 50% Syrah I.G.T. Sicily

      The wine Trito Nero d’Avola and Syrah IGT. by Odisseo’s Cellars is a red wine made of 50% Nero d’Avola and 50% Syrah. The Trito has a ruby red color tending to purple and has a balanced taste, warm and balanced tannins. The nose is intense and fruity and see the blueberry and blackberry. Its alcohol content is 13.5% and has an aging potential of 3-5 years. It should be served at cellar temperature and it goes well with pasta dishes, roasts and mature cheeses.

      History Syrah / Shiraz

      The origins of Syrah (or Shiraz) are assumed to Iran, specifically in the Persian city of Shiraz. Then arrived in Syracuse, Syrah from them would have been exported to France. From the Syracuse area, however, it would be gone only to be re-introduced in 800 by the French. In France, Syrah was produced since ancient times and the Rhone Valley is still the area of excellence. Currently, the main producers of Syrah are France and Australia. Syrah is one of the most widespread viticulture in the world and is therefore included in the so-called “international grapes.”

      History Nero d’Avola

      Nero d’Avola is a wine made from the Nero D’Avola vineyard, located in the Syracuse area, particularly in the area of Avola, a city that was made the first connection of this type of grape. Originally Nero d’Avola was called, in Sicilian dialect, “Calaulisi” or “re Calea Classroom” which means “Grape of Avola”. Nero d’Avola is also known as “Calabrese” because the name “Calaulisi” or because in ancient times, wine was being passed off as Calabrese (which was fine) in exports to the French market.

      The plant Syrah / Nero d’Avola

      The plant of Syrah has  pentagonal leaves, three or five-lobed, medium or large. The bunch is medium in size, has a long cylindrical shape and makes round berries of small to medium sized colored dark blue, almost black. The Syrah grapes have a thin skin.  From Syrah are produced the highest quality wines, some of which are distinguished by the unique aroma of black pepper that characterizes the variety.

      The plant vine Nero d’Avola is a native of Sicily and produces the best grapes of the region. It has a dense foliage with leaves of medium size. The bunch of grapes Nero d’Avola has a host of berries that grow from the spherical shape huddled on each other. At the time the Nero d’Avola grape is the most widely grown in Sicily with over 12,000 acres of production. The grape Nero d’Avola has a high content of sugars, which results in wines with an alcohol content that may exceed 15 °.


      The Syrah grape produces full-bodied, tannic and dry wines, with a  red color that tends to purple. The nose offers aromas of red fruits, spices and flowers. Syrah is used together with Viognier, Sauvignon to Cabertet and other varieties for the production of tannic and floral wines, withintense color.

      In addition to being a wine tasting, wine Nero d’Avola is often used for cutting other wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. This practice was already in use in 800, when the French imported the Nero d’Avola wine from Syracuse to obtain full-bodied wines. The combination of grape Nero d’Avola with grapes Frappato origin the ancient wine Cerasuolo, while paired with wines from the Syrah grape creates soft and spicy taste.


      The grape varieties Syrah and Nero d’Avola wine by Odysseus cellars, are grown in the districtof Bufalefi, in the heart of the production area Eloro DOC. From Odisseo’s vineyards is possible to admire the sea of the Oasis of the UNESCO, Vendicari. The vines in the eastern part of Sicily stand out of those in the rest of the island for a more fruity. The grape varieties Syrah and Nero d’Avola wine by Odisseo’s cellars are grown by the method “espalier” or “cordon”, which consists of a mixed structure composed of wooden supports alternating with metal poles crossed by 5 stainless steel wires on which the vine plant develops in a vertical manner. This cultivation technique enables there to be an excellent exposure of the leaves to sunlight and good coverage of shade for the grapes. This allows a good ripeness and balanced production. The grapes are selected and harvested by hand.

    • More Information

      Classification Nero d’Avola and Syrah I.G.T. Sicily
      Wine Type Red Wine
      Grape Variety 50% Nero d’Avola e 50% Syrah
      Alcohol Content 13,5% Vol.
      Color Ruby red tending to purple
      Ageing potential 3 / 5 Years
      Food Pairing Roasts, Carni rosse, Cheeses, Pastas, Game
      Serving Temperature Cellar temperature 16 / 18 °C
      Taste Harmonious, warm and tannic.
      Scent Intense and fruity, refer to the blueberry and blackberry.
      Bottle 750 ml
      Place of production Contrada Bufalefi (Noto), in full Eloro DOC area, located on a slope a few hundred meters from the Oasis of the UNESCO site of Vendicari.
      Altitude 60 meters above sea level.
      Trailing System Espalier, cordon.
      Grapes Yield 4500/5000 vines per hectare.
      Vinification Grapes, harvested by hand, are diraspapigiate immediately. Follows a long stay on the skins at 28 ° C and then pressed softly. The must is transferred to tanks stainless steel heat-conditioned to allow slow fermentation.
      Yield per hectare 80 quintals per hectare
      Harvest time First / second week of September
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