Candido Italy – Meat Buying Guide

Inn Carne beef calves for sale Limousine breed.

The butchered animal is divided into two sides with skull-caudal sectioning along the spinal column. You get quarters (front and back) from each side, sectioning the carcass between the 5° and 6° rib. The front and back quarters are sectioned in smaller sizes, known as “cuts”, which are then called internal or externals depending on their position. Cuts are divided into two categories: the 1° meat category is situated on the back quarter and is usually suitable for roasting or cooked in a pan or grilled; the 2° meat category is situated in the costal area, just beneath the thigh, in the belly, breast and neck and is suitable for roasting, stewed, boiled and tossed meat.

We produce and sell wine, beef and other gastronomic products of the Sicilian tradition.

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