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The exclusivity of the production area (Sicili/ Tuscany) and uncertainty about the origin of his name make this wine intriguing and mysterious. The only certainty is the golden grapes of Insolia reporting the radiance of life and its good wine that accompanies it. A stylized sun in step with the times, however, that encloses the same goodness ever.

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      Odisseo’s Insolia D.O.C. Sicily

      Insolia D.O.C. by Odisseo’s cellars is a white wine from straw yellow color and harmonious taste and softly fruity. Odisseo’s Insolia smells fruity, intense and persistent. Insolia Odysseus has an alcohol content of 12.5% Vol and has a capacity of 2/3 years of aging. Served at 10 °, can be consumed as an aperitif or accompanied by a meal of fish, white meats, marinades, crudites or vegetables. Insolia Odysseus is a wine that brings in its taste and its color in the essence of the land where it was born expressing full radiance.


      The vine Insolia (also called Inzolia or Anzonica) is the oldest Sicilian native vine, which spread later in other parts of Italy, including in particular Sardinia, Lazio and Tuscany. However, some sources claim it to be from France because of his name: Insolia or Inzonia, descend from Ansoria, which contains the French term “sional” which indicates the golden color of its berries. It is assumed therefore that his landing in Sicily took place with the arrival of the Normans.

      The plant

      The vine plant Insolia presents a rare foliage, which makes it resistant to arid climates and allows a lower use of water for cultivation. The leaf Insolia is medium to large and the cluster is large, branching into two parts producing berries oval and yellow color that grow sparse.


      Insolia by Odisseo’s cellars is grown in the district Bufalefi (Noto). From the vineyards Odysseus you can admire the sea of the Oasis of the UNESCO. The vineyard of Insolia cellars Odysseus is grown by the method “espalier” or “cordon”, which consists of a mixed structure composed of wooden supports alternating with metal poles crossed by 5 stainless steel cables on which the vine plant develops in a vertical manner. This cultivation technique enables there to be an excellent exposure of the leaves to sunlight and good coverage of shade for the grapes. This allows a good maturity and a balanced production. The grapes are selected and hand-picked.

    • More Information

      Classification Insolia D.O.C. Sicily
      Wine Type White Wine
      Grape Variety 100% Insolia
      Alcohol Content 12,5% Vol.
      Color Straw yellow
      Ageing potential 2 / 3 Years
      Food Pairing Appetizers, Poultry, Fish, Pastas, Gekochtes
      Serving Temperature 10° C
      Taste Harmonious and softly fruity
      Scent Fruity, intense and persistent
      Bottle 750 ml
      Place of production Contrada Bufalefi (Noto), located on a slope a few hundred meters from the Oasis of the UNESCO site of Vendicari.
      Altitude 60 meters above sea level
      Trailing System Espalier, cordon
      Grapes Yield 4500/5000 vines per hectare
      Vinification Destemming followed by cold maceration, then gently pressed. The must is transferred to stainless steel tanks heat-conditioned to allow a slow fermentation.
      Yield per hectare 80 quintals per hectare
      Harvest time First / second week of September
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